Global Zero "Bike Around the Bomb" at the Nuclear Security Summit

Global Zero "Bike Around the Bomb" - The Hague, March 23, 2014 (photo credit: Marco De Swart)

There are between 20-22 US-owned B-61 nuclear bombs stationed in the Netherlands and none of them address today’s security threats.  In The Hague on March 23, 2014, the day before the Nuclear Security Summit, Global Zero brought together people of all ages to cycle the fire-blast radius of one of those bombs to raise public awareness.

There is no need for U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe and it's time world leaders begin the conversation to eliminate this threat once and for all.  Security is NOT 17,000 nuclear weapons. #DemandZero

For more on this event, click to view the "Bike Around the Bomb" video and visit Global Zero's Facebook page to see their photos.

Global Zero is a non-partisan international initiative dedicated to public education, dialogue and awareness-raising among the public and opinion leaders about the urgent nuclear threat and proposals for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. Global Zero convenes major international conferences of opinion leaders and experts, conducts media, online and grassroots communications and organizes a global campus education and outreach program. The Simons Foundation is the principal sponsor of Global Zero and Dr. Jennifer Allen Simons is a Founding Partner and Canada Chair of Global Zero.