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See The Simons Foundation's page on Canadian Defence Policy for briefing papers by Ernie Regehr, O.C., Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence at The Simons Foundation.
Visit Arms Control Today at the link below for this analysis on options for reforming presidential nuclear launch authority by Dr. Bruce Blair, a member of the Princeton University research faculty, Co-founder of Global Zero, a former Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile launch officer, and a Peace Leader with The Simons Foundation.
Visit the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for this article by Paul Meyer, Senior Fellow, which counters the anti-arms control agreement narrative that is currently dominant in the USA.
Visit Legion Magazine at the link below for this debate where Ernie Regehr, Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence at The Simons Foundation presents his argument that the Canadian government is spending enough on re-equipping the military.
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: January 8, 2018. A total of four awards of $5,000 are available to Canadian Master’s and/or Doctoral candidates to support the independent research and writing of an academic paper responding to a specific Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament (NACD) topic.
The Government of Canada’s 2010 Cyber Security Strategy signaled that it would develop a cyber foreign policy but one has not been produced. In contrast, Australia has released a major cyber foreign policy document and outlined its diplomatic strategy for advancing its aims. Visit at the link below for commentary on this situation by Paul Meyer, Senior Fellow in Space Security, and his suggestion that Canada should follow Australia's lead in this vital realm of global policy.
“I have briefed some 30 senators and House members on the nuclear protocol and how I think it ought to be revised.” — Bruce Blair, research scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School. See the link below for Princeton Alumni Weekly's full interview with Dr. Bruce G. Blair, a Peace Leader with The Simons Foundation.
See The Simons Foundation's Arctic Security Briefing Papers for information on military policies and practices in the Arctic region by Ernie Regehr, Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence at The Simons Foundation.
Visit The Hill Times at the following link for a critical comparison of Canadian and Australian approaches to developing national cyber security strategies by Paul Meyer, The Simons Foundation’s Senior Fellow in Space Security.
Visit the Vancouver Sun for this opinion by M.V. Ramana, Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security, and Lauren J. Borja, Simons Postdoctoral Research Fellow, at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, The University of British Columbia.