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Space Security Index 2017 is the fourteenth annual report on developments related to safety, sustainability, and security in outer space, covering the period January-December 2016. This assessment of the security of outer space warns of mounting stress from a combination of rapid technology change and geopolitical tensions.
This information on the US nuclear arsenal and its destructive power compiled by The New York Times editorial board is of particular importance given the heightened tensions with North Korea and the recent adoption of the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty at the United Nations. Visit The New York Times at the link below for their report.
In the absence of any effective international response, a deepening humanitarian catastrophe is facing the Rohingya, a majority Muslim ethnic group who have lived for centuries in Myanmar. Visit The Globe and Mail at the link below for commentary on the current situation from The Simons Foundation Peace Shaper, the Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, and the Hon. Allan Rock.
This compilation of current military facilities in the circumpolar region continues to be offered as an aid to addressing a key question posed by the Canadian Senate more than five years ago: “Is the [Arctic] region again becoming militarized?”
Visit The Space Review for this commentary by Paul Meyer, The Simons Foundation's Senior Fellow in Space Security.
See the link below for a transcript of the address given at the Group of 78 Annual Policy Conference 2017 by the Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., one of The Simons Foundation's Peace Leaders.
Visit Bloomberg at the link below for their question and answer session with Bruce G. Blair, one of The Simons Foundation's Peace Leaders.
See The Simons Foundation's Disarming Arctic Security page for briefing papers on military policies and practices in the Arctic region by Ernie Regehr, Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence at The Simons Foundation.
See the link below for Dr. Jenifer Allen Simons' introduction to the Fifth Simons Symposium on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their Elimination at the 62nd Pugwash Conference on Science & World Affairs, Confronting New Nuclear Dangers, held in Astana, Kazakhstan, August 25–29, 2017.
The Simons Forum on "The Responsibility to Protect: Re-Energizing the Key Players" brought together 30 international experts in Vancouver in March 2017 to discuss how best to reinvigorate the global response to the threat and reality of genocide and other mass atrocity crimes. The full report of the Forum is now available at the link below.