Global Zero NATO-Russia Commission Report

Global Zero Commission Calls for US, Russia to Remove All Tactical Nuclear Weapons from European Combat Bases

The Global Zero NATO-Russia Commission comprised of 15 eminent American, European and Russian security leaders and experts - co-chaired by Amb. Richard Burt, Col. Gen. (Ret.) Victor Esin, Amb. Wolfgang Ischinger and Sir Malcolm Rifkind - issued a groundbreaking report at the Munich Security Conference today, calling for the United States and Russia to remove all of their tactical nuclear weapons from combat bases on the European continent.

The briefing included images released by Global Zero of US and Russian combat bases in Europe where tactical nuclear weapons may be deployed and of national storage facilities.

The group noted that, after significant steps in 2009-2010 capped by the ratification of the New START Treaty, progress on nuclear arms reductions has stalled.

For more information and the complete report, please see: 

"GLOBAL ZERO NATO-RUSSIA COMMISSION REPORT: Removing US and Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons from European Combat Bases"

Click here to download images of combat bases and national storage facilities.

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