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As The Simons Foundation is principal sponsor of Global Zero and Dr. Jennifer Allen Simons is a Founding Partner and their Canada Chair, we are pleased to share this important statement Global Zero's Executive Director, Derek Johnson, made to the United Nations First Committee on Disarmament and International Security in New York on October 18, 2019. See the following for his remarks.
See the following link to access this podcast by Trisha Thompson Pritikin, a Hanford Downwinder and internationally recognized advocate on behalf of populations exposed to Hanford’s offsite radiation releases.
The Hon. Douglas Roche, one of The Simons Foundation's Peace Leaders, says Canadian Catholic bishops have done a double service in nudging their fellow bishops around the world and waking up Canadian foreign policy at a critical moment. Visit The Hill Times at the link below (subscription required) for his comments.
"Will Outer Space become a new frontier for international conflict? Or can it remain a global commons? As states dither, this question may soon be taken over by other actors."  Visit the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa at the following link for analysis by Paul Meyer, The Simons Foundation's Senior Fellow in Space and Cyber Security.
We are pleased to share the October 2019 edition of "Critical Mass," an exclusive new communiqué to keep Global Zero's supporters up to speed on the movement’s many initiatives and progress being made. The Simons Foundation is Global Zero's principal sponsor of and Dr. Jennifer Allen Simons is a Founding Partner and Canada Chair of Global Zero.
This compilation of current military facilities in the circumpolar region continues to be offered as an aid to addressing a key question posed by the Canadian Senate several years ago: “Is the [Arctic] region again becoming militarized?”
These free events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi are presented by the Thakore Charitable Foundation, SFU Institute for the Humanities and the J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities at Simon Fraser University, and the SFU Library. All are welcome to attend. Click here for more information.
Visit Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the link below for this article by Zia Mian, Abdul H. Nayyar, Sandeep Pandey, and M.V. Ramana, the Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia.
As the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) falls apart due to a lack of US and Russian participation, Emily Enright and the Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security at UBC, M. V. Ramana, argue that Canada should help do its bit to avert the unravelling of global arms control.  Visit at the following link for the complete article.
The 2019 UNIDIR Space Security Conference, "Supporting Diplomacy: Clearing the Path for Dialogue", was held on 28–29 May 2019 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and brought together experts and diplomats from around the world to examine some of the technical and policy questions impacting multilateral dialogues on space security and to seek possible paths forward towards stability in space. See the following link for the complete Conference Report.