What is the mission of the The Simons Foundation?

The mission of The Simons Foundation is to advance positive change through education in peace, disarmament, international law and human security.

How does The Simons Foundation serve its mission?

The Simons Foundation initiates, partners, supports and participates in peace and disarmament activities by convening strategic and policy dialogues, academic and public events, sponsoring important academic research through fellowships and chairs, and providing financial support to organizations working to advance the goals of The Simons Foundation.

What are the issues of interest to The Simons Foundation?

The main focus of The Simons Foundation is on Nuclear Disarmament, Space Security, Arctic Security, Genocide Prevention and Disarmament Education. Please see the Projects page for more information. The Simons Foundation also provides some support to the local arts and cultural community in Vancouver.

What type of projects does The Simons Foundation support?

The Simons Foundation primarily supports innovative projects and programmes that will bring about beneficial change in our areas of interest.

How do I apply to receive funding from The Simons Foundation?

The Simons Foundation does not accept unsolicited funding applications.