Vancouver Community Fund

The Simons Foundation Canada supports local arts and cultural groups such as choirs, symphonies, school-based art programmes and innovative dance and theatre companies. The Foundation's lasting support of Vancouver's local arts scene is rooted in Dr. Simons' personal commitment to make arts and culture accessible to all. She is dedicated to ensuring that today's artists pass cultural and artistic knowledge onto future generations. 

In particular, The Simons Foundation has chosen to provide support the following select, innovative dance companies: Compagnie Vision Selective, DanceHouse, Flamenco Rosario and, previously, The Holy Body Tattoo Society.

"Canada has a rich cultural life, a foundation for our First Nations and from multi-ethnic immigration,” Dr. Simons said. “I want to further this legacy in order to ensure that future generations experience this rich artistic continuity of aesthetic experience."
The Simons Foundation Canada does not accept unsolicited grant applications.